Hi…I’m Rahul. The idea behind Coffeeza is simple: to give you coffee that has the same exquisite taste cup after cup. Let me explain. Our capsules contain coffee that is sourced from around the world and then roasted and blended to perfection in Italy. Each capsule contains the exact amount of coffee (with the correct grind) that’s needed to make a perfect cup. And its innovative design guarantees that the coffee inside remains fresh for a very long time. That’s not all.

Our coffee machines are engineered to perfection and made really simple to use. You can make the same barista style coffee at your home or office such as creamy cappuccinos, lattes, espressos…whatever you like.

We also bring you handpicked accessories to complete your coffee experience.

All of this…at a price you’ll find worthwhile. We hope you’ll enjoy the magic of Coffeeza.