My Coffee Machine is leaking
  • There could be water beneath the coffee machine. This is safe and does not mean the machine is leaking.
  • There could be water in Drip tray and Capsule container.
  • Ensure that water tank has been inserted correctly. When refilling with water, always switch off the coffee machine and only then remove and refill the water tank. Otherwise, water could leak from the appliance.
  • Ensure that the drip tray and capsule container does not contain water. If you still feel the coffee machine is leaking, stop, switch off and unplug and contact Coffeeza on 1-800-123-5171.
Indicator lights don’t turn on Plug & Socket. Check that the plug has been inserted correctly into the socket and the power button has been pressed.
The lights are on, but no coffee comes out The Capsule inserted may be faulty. Wait for few seconds, then try again with a new capsule.
The Machine makes a strange noise The water tank is empty. Check that there is water in the tank.
Pump stops running during a dispense
  • The water tank is empty.
  • Internal pipes may be blocked.
  • Fill up the water tank & dispense just water.
  • Descale regularly. Refer to page no.8
Milk is not frothing up
  • The Milk may not be suitable for frothing.
  • The whisk may not be positioned correctly.
  • The steam wand may be blocked.
  • For optimal performance, use fresh, cold, semi-skimmed milk.
  • Check the whisk coil is fitted properly on the whisk cylinder. Slide the whisk all the way down away from the lid.
  • Rinse the milk container lid throughly and descale regularly.
The Milk spurts over during the Cappuccino /Latte function
  • Not Enough Milk.
  • Milk is too warm.
  • Ensure you fill the Milk upto the level marked by the following icon
  • Use cold milk from the fridge.
Capsule container fills with water After using any of the Milk functions, water is dumped into the Capsule Container to cool the heating unit. This is normal operation and not a cause for concern. Coffeeza recommends emptying the Capsule Container every 3 drinks when using the milk function to avoid overspill.
I can hear whistling / steaming sound after the cappuccino/ latte function is complete. Machine’s is cooling down the heating unit by purging cold water through it. This is normal operation and not a cause for concerns.


Lattisso Machine User Manual: click here

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